Meet Traci Campbell, LCSW, SEP

With commitment and patience, it is entirely possible to find the self-confidence and empowerment to create the best version of yourself. I will work with you to learn how to manage and eliminate the conflicts that creep into your everyday life and find the joy and fulfillment that you deserve.

A little about me: I love to read, travel, and see live music. In my free time, when I’m not listening to music or a podcast, I’ll be either playing my piano or pickleball, or hiking with my Aussie-doodle.

I am a somatically trained therapist and I am passionate about helping my clients with:

  • life transitions
  • personal empowerment
  • managing & reducing anxiety
  • setting & achieving life goals
  • increasing self-confidence & awareness

If you experience difficulties falling and/or staying asleep, and/or waking up too early despite adequate opportunity for sleep and it is impacting your ability to function during the day, this treatment may be for you. CBT-I is:

  • an evidence based treatment for chronic insomnia
  • typically completed in a short-term span of 5-8 sessions
  • considered the gold standard therapy
  • recommended by the American College of Physicians
  • also recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.