Meet Traci Campbell, LCSW

With commitment and patience, it is entirely possible to find the self-confidence and empowerment to create the best version of yourself. Let me work with you to learn how to manage and eliminate the conflicts that creep into your everyday life and find the joy and fulfillment that you deserve.

I have been working as a therapist for more than 18 years here in Austin. I approach each client individually with the sincere intention of helping them make pivotal and sustainable changes. I take pride in listening but also in providing feedback in a safe and trusting environment. I guide and challenge each client to authentically communicate, heal and emotionally evolve and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and others.

I am a solutions oriented therapist and I am passionate about helping my clients with:

  • life transitions
  • personal empowerment
  • managing & reducing anxiety
  • setting & achieving life goals
  • increasing self-confidence & awareness

I believe that everyone has the capacity to make life-transforming changes and enjoy assisting my clients in their journey to reach their highest potential:

  • siblings
  • parent and adult child
  • coworkers
  • friends
  • pairs of people in conflict

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